CaaS - Crypto as a Service


  • Withdraw Initiation through RFQ Manager
  • ERC20 Auto Deposit identification 
  • Deposits Risk Score on Funding

This release we focused on improving Funding operational control and automations. Now customers can initiate and approve Crypto Withdraw transfers directly from Funding tab. Also, we are identifying all ERC20 deposits automatically and showing not only their respective risk scores, but for all crypto deposits.



  • Exchanges’ balances on Open API
  • Bitstamp Post Trade Settlement (PTS) account connection
  • Bitstamp PTS information on Open API

This release was focused on improving our Open API service. Now customers can consult their exchanges’ balance information, currently displayed on the Portfolio menu, via open API. 

Clients that have a PTS (post-trade settlement) account with Bitstamp will now be able to: 

  1. Connect it on the Platform and check the balance;
  2. Execute trades via trade menu;
  3. Consult credit limit and usage via open API;
  4. Consult batch information via open API;
  5. Command early settlement via open API.




  • KYT (Know Your Transaction) and Compliance Improvements

In this release we fixed the issues occurring with the Elliptic crypto compliance integration