CaaS – Crypto as a Service


  • Validation of duplicated CPF/CNPJ when registering a new user
  • Coinbase Prime available on SOR
  • Binance available on SOR

To ensure compliance and security, our platform now validates unique CPF/CNPJ numbers during the registration process, preventing duplication and reducing the risk of fraud.

Furthermore, our Smart Order Router (SOR) now integrates with Coinbase Prime and Binance. These additions to our SOR lineup expands our available trading options, providing you with more choices for executing your cryptocurrency transactions.



  • Coinbase Prime on Trade and Transaction Reports;
  • USD transfer between Bitstamp Main and subaccounts.

Aiming to increase the operational efficiency of our clients, in this release we have focused on improving some of our integrations with the following counterparties:

Coinbase Prime - from now on, our clients can consult trades and transfers made on Coinbase Prime directly on our platform, through the report feature.

Bitstamp - we have included the possibility to make USD transfers between Bitstamp’s subaccounts and main account. The USD option will now be available for selection within our transfer modal.



  • Next generation of MPC Custody 
  • Upgraded MMI Support 

Parfin is excited to release the following major features 

Next generation of MPC Custody: 

Parfin is introducing the next generation of MPC custody offering enhanced security and flexible deployment options. Parfin customers can choose between multiple deployment modes – custodial and non-custodial. Here are some key enhancements:

  • Mobile phone approval system that receives cryptographically validated transactions and requests approvals from users in mobile devices according to the set governance rules.
  • Gatenode allows for one of the MPC nodes to be installed at the customer site, completely independent from Parfin, where any transaction signature needs to receive the configured quorum of mobile approvals.
  • Cryptographical binding of the Policy Engine to raw transactions to ensure that what is being broadcasted to the blockchain has been approved by the Policy Engine. 
  • Cerberus’ component that validates signed transactions before broadcasting as a ‘last mile check’, ensuring that for example, the transaction matches with what was approved by mobile devices.

Upgraded MMI support:

In this release, we upgraded the way MMI works with Parfin Custody. The benefits of this upgrade are that we now support all the operations of supported DeFi Apps and support for new DeFi Apps is much faster. Currently we support the following DeFi Apps: 

  • Uniswap V2 and V3
  • Compound
  • Aave

To make it easier for customers to request the support of a new DeFi app, a request button is available in the Custody DeFi section of Parfin Terminal.