CaaS – Crypto as a Service


  • Feature to create Contract Wallets (CWs) for each user, facilitating the deposit of ERC20 tokens
  • Gas Station feature to handle withdrawals from users' Contract Wallets (CWs) or any other CW
  • Option to customize the quote expiration time through the RFQ Settings
  • Configuration of a minimum withdrawal amount
  • Automatic email notifications to provide updates regarding funding activities


In the 2.19 release, we introduced a feature that enables the creation of Contract Wallets (CWs) for each user, specifically designed for depositing ERC20 tokens. Furthermore, these CWs can now be linked with a Gas Station, allowing for streamlined and automated withdrawal operations.

This enhancement eliminates the need to pre-fill these accounts with ETH for transaction fees and saves you from the hassle of dealing with dust (small amounts of leftover crypto in multiple wallets). Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to learn more about this feature and its benefits. 

To provide you with more flexibility, we have incorporated RFQ Settings that enable you to customize the expiration time for quotes. This customization ensures that expiration times align with your unique business needs, offering a personalized experience.

Also, our platform now sends automatic email notifications, providing timely updates on funding activities.

Lastly, we have introduced the ability to set a minimum withdrawal limit, granting you the ability to prevent users from requesting amounts below a certain threshold.



  • Multi-company Login
  • Multi-collateral wallet on Kraken Futures

 We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new feature: Multi-company Login!

Navigating through multiple accounts has never been easier. With Multi-company Login, you can now seamlessly switch between the companies you are part of using the same access credentials (login, password, and 2FA). 

Now, our clients can utilize a single login to access information from multiple companies they are affiliated with. This enhanced feature aims to bring more simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency to your experience with our system. 

Also, on this release, we’ve integrated with Kraken Futures’ Multi-collateral wallet. Customers that have a position on this wallet will be able to check their balances on our Portfolio page. 



  • Contract Wallets and Gas Station
  • Smart Contract API

In this release, Parfin Custody is introducing contract wallets and are already integrated into CaaS (Crypto as a Service). In contrast to regular wallets, contract wallets allow programmability and flexibility. In this case, contract wallets are used to delegate the fees to a Gas Station. Using this functionality, Parfin clients can benefit from significant cost savings when transferring ERC-20 tokens and improve their operational efficiency.

Parfin Custody is also releasing smart contract APIs to advance the Web3 infrastructure and tokenization use cases. Smart contracts are foundational to the rapidly advancing tokenization sector and using custody smart contract APIs, financial institutions can deploy, interact and receive events from a smart contract. These smart contracts also create interoperability with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chains in both public (e.g. Ethereum) and private (e.g. Parchain, Hyperledger Besu) blockchains.

Get in touch with the Parfin team today to see how you can participate and benefit from tokenization.