CaaS – Crypto as a Service


  • SOR's performance enhancements
  • Slippage and Quote Time Expiration per user
  • SOR Response Timeout
  • Feature to filter by hash on the funding tab

In this release, we focused on enhancing SOR's performance and adding new features. We added a new feature to allow operators to set slippage tolerances and quote time expiration per user. We also added the ability to define a response timeout for counterparties connected to the SOR. This means that if a counterparty does not respond within a specified time, their response will not be considered when determining the best quote available. Finally, we added the option to filter funding entries by hash. This will be useful for operators who want to filter out funding entries that they are not interested in.



  • Improved Send screen with fee estimate and net amount
  • Exact amount transfer

In this release, we introduced two improvements within Parfin Custody. The Send screen now includes a fee estimate and net amount which provides visibility into the transaction fees and the expected amount at the destination address. The Exact value transfer feature allows customers to specify a specific amount to be sent to the destination address. The exact value transfer is currently limited to API only. In combination, the above features give customers visibility into the estimated transaction fees and provide the option to send exact amounts.