This guide walks you through connecting Binance to your Parfin account. This assumes that you already have a valid administrator account in Parfin and that you have a valid and verified Binance account.

1. Preparing Parfin

As an administrator, log into your Parfin account, go to “Settings” > “Counterparties” and click “Connect Counterparty” 

Select “Exchange” from the tabs, select “Binance” from the dropdown

Give this connection a name (this name will show up across your account)

Include your Binance account number in the "Account Id" field.

2. Creating Read-only keys

In a different tab, Log in to Binance (

Go to Security -> Settings -> API Management (


Give the API a nickname: “Parfin Read Only”. Click Create API.

Validate Security verification

Click on “Edit Restrictions”

Keep just option “Enable Reading” and Save


Copy “API Key” and “Secret Key” then Paste them into the "Read Only Keys” section at Parfin


3. Creating Transactional keys

Still on API Management enter a new API key label called “Parfin Transactional” and click on Create API button

Validate security verification

Click on “Edit restrictions”

Enable options “Enable Reading”, “Enable Spot & Margin Trading” and "Enable Withdrawals".

In the “IP Access Restrictions section” select the option “Restrict access to trusted IPs only (Recommended)” and input the following IP Address:

  • Production environment: / / /
  • UAT environment: / /

If you’re also connecting Futures to your Parfin account, please enable options “Enable Futures” and “Permits Universal Transfers” 

Click Save and enter your 2FA. 


Follow the same steps as the Read-only keys above and input information into the “Transactional Keys” section at Parfin


4. Finishing Up

Back in Parfin click on “Connect”. If any error is shown, check the keys you copied & pasted and if necessary repeat steps 2 and 3 above.

After a successful setup and a success message, you are able to see a correct balance on the Dashboard

5. Creating Whitelisted Withdrawal addresses in Binance

To enable withdrawals through Parfin it’s mandatory to whitelist Parfin’s addresses at Binance. To do so please follow the instructions below.


Go to Security -> Address Management -> Manage



Click on “Add Withdrawal Address”


Enter an “Address Label” for the desired Whitelisted Address (example: “Parfin BTC”)

Select the Coin.


Go back to Parfin, on the Settings > Wallets section, Copy the address of the desired asset. 


Paste the address on the Binance field.

Select network.

Click on “Address Origin” and select “Wallet Address”. Select “others” and wallet name “Parfin”.


Enable option “Whitelist on”.


6. OPTIONAL - Test Sending a Transaction

Go to the Parfin dashboard, click on “Send” and create a transaction to send money from your Binance to your Parfin Internal Wallet. Do this for both BTC and ETH to make sure everything is working.

Congratulations, your new connection to Binance is completed!