Parfin is a web-based software platform that allows you to connect different counterparties (for example crypto exchanges, crypto custodians and traditional banks) in order to operate all those different accounts from a single, unified interface.

Who uses Parfin?

Parfin was created to service institutional customers such as banks, asset managers, hedge funds, OTC desks, etc. Parfin is not a consumer product.

Benefits of Using Parfin

Institutions that operate in the cryptocurrency market, often have issues with

  • Governance: For example making sure only the right people can access the right information in all different counterparties and making sure that any transaction is properly checked and approved before being sent.
  • Reporting: There are several different types of reports that an institution requires, from tax reports all the way to operational reports. Because operating in this market typically requires the use of multiple counterparties, reporting becomes more difficult. 
  • Custody: There aren't many trusted institutional custody solutions with theft cover and low fees
  • Trade execution: Executing trades quickly and efficiently when you use more than one exchange is difficult and prone to errors

Parfin solves all of the above problems while also offering a series of additional benefits with integrated vertical services.